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The Tule River Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit corporation chartered by the Tule River Tribal Council of the Tule River Band of Yokuts Indians. The original intent was to create an organization tasked with developing jobs as well as creating a diverse revenue base to benefit the people of the Tule River Reservation and the surrounding community.

At a time when many tribes focused on gaming, the Tule River Indian Tribe chose to utilize its gaming resources to increase further economic expansion.

Having started Tule River Economic Development Corporation years prior to the advent of Indian gaming, it is now situated to help the Tribe diversify its revenue potential as well as employment opportunities for members of the Tribe. Tule River Economic Development Corporation is setting the standard for economic development among Indian tribes across the nation.

To meet the demand of its mission, The Tule River Economic Development Corporation is currently involved in several ventures. While each project is diverse in nature, each takes advantage of relative advantages and resources unique to the Tule River Indian Reservation and the surrounding area.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Dennis Ickes


Harold Santos


Isacc Manuel


Joyce Carothers

Vice President

Bill Hayter


Roxanne Burtt

SR. Executive Assistant

Angelina Ignacio

Human Resource Manager

Dan Blazar

Board Member

Gary G. Santos


Janet Bowen

Accounting Manager

Priscilla Santos

Board Member

William J. Garfield

Board Member

Neil Peyron

Board Member

Dennis Ickes


Antoinette Atcitty

Accounting Clerk

Zachary Janoko

Board Member

Holly Christman

Board Member

Melynda Gibson

Accounting Clerk

Krystalina Baltierra

Accounting Clerk

Alonzo McDarment

Board Member

Carly Gomez

Board Member

Felix Christman

Board Member

Jeremiah Nicholas

Marketing Manager

Kelly Walker

Fleet Services Secretary

James Bryant

Eagle Feather Manager

Madelene Geledzhyan

Landing 13 General Manager

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