Tribal Enterprises

TREDC’s business model is hierarchical with leadership and management oversight of day-to-day operations coming from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Executive Staff. TREDC operates businesses with onsite management for superior customer service. TREDC is currently involved in several ventures. Below are our properties.

Landing 13

Landing 13 was known as Landing Site on the Tule River Reservation where loggers after a Hard day of work, would drop their logs for transportation. Our menu is inspired by the hardworking loggers and members of the community and their desire for delicious food. Landing 13 restaurant will have; a chef that will create food inspired from around the world, live music/concerts, & 32 beer taps. 

Stoney Creek Barebeque

Stoney Creek Barbeque is a new business venture by the Tule River Economic Development Corporation owned by the Tule River Tribe (Established 2019). The name Stoney Creek comes from an actual creek located in the mountains of the Tule River Indian Reservation. Stoney Creek Barbeque is located inside of the Eagle Feather Trading Post store nestled in the foothills near Lake Success in Porterville off of highway 190 (also known as Mighty 190).

The meats are cooked low and slow onsite using our very own blend of spices and smoked to perfection. Using logs of seasoned mesquite for our chicken, pork and local oak wood from the Tule River Indian Reservation for our beef.

Stoney Creek Barbeque restaurant offers, the best mouth watering tri-tip, brisket, pork, and chicken with its own seasoned blend of spices.

Eagle Feather Trading Post

Eagle Feather Trading Post 1 & 2 are ventures started by Tule River’s Indian reservation economic sector. These entities though in different locations, different demographics, & different product offerings, still maintains the integrity of the tribe. Each store is still one with the tribe and is sure a great crowd pleaser in its respective areas. Whichever location you choose, you will receive great customer service, a clean environment, competitive gas pricing, and a variety of locally source products you won’t find anywhere else.